Save with Weekly Prepaid Fibre!

  • No term
  • No credit checks
  • Simple weekly payments

Simply pay a connection fee of $34.99 and your first week in advance.

Pay as you go with Prepaid Broadband - Sign up online today!


Prepaid Fibre 50

  • Up to 50Mbps Download*
  • Up to 10Mbps Upload*
  • Unlimited Data


Prepaid Fibre 300

  • Up to 303Mbps Download*
  • Up to 108Mbps Upload*
  • Unlimited Data


Prepaid Fibre Max

  • Up to 828Mbps Download*
  • Up to 498Mbps Upload*
  • Unlimited Data


These are Peak Time Average Speeds (MBNZ Summer 2023) for Prepaid Fibre 300 and Prepaid Fibre Max plans. There is no independent report on Prepaid Fibre 50. You may experience higher or lower speeds than this on any plan.

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How does Weekly Prepaid work?

When you join our weekly prepaid plans, you will be charged a $34.99 connection fee, and your first week's payment.

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll charge your card each Thursday for the amount selected.

If you would like to increase the speed of your plan, let us know.