Wholesale Services

This stability in an ever changing marketplace is just one of many reasons why you should consider Compass as your complete supplier of co-location, cloud hosted services, toll free and of course voice & data connectivity.

Let us take care of running our network while you grow your business, complementing the existing services you provide to your customers.

Take advantage of high service levels paced to keep up with fast moving businesses
Highly reliable and secure, we regularly monitor and maintain our own infrastructure which we’ve invested in heavily
Save costs by using existing, already operational infrastructure and enjoy faster deployment of services for your customers
One point of contact – we have every service you need under one roof! Only receive one invoice too!

Wholesale ISP Services

  • UFB Broadband
  • ADSL and VDSL Broadband 
  • Wireless Broadband 
  • IP Transit Compass content delivery network & cache services

Voice Services

  • Cloud PBX 
  • SIP Trunking
  • Mobile Post pay
  • Toll Free  
  • National & International Origination & Termination  
  • Copper based POTs lines

Data Centres

  • Rack space and co-location 
  • Geographic disaster recovery 

Managed Services and Cloud Hosting

  • Hosted websites
  • Hosted mail & Exchange   
  • Hosted storage  
  • Hosted desktop & Applications
  • Hosted virtual machine 
  • Hosted virtual server  
  • Hosted databases   
  • Hosted backup