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Tailored Solutions for your business


Managed Services

Compass has raised the bar in offering outsourced solutions to companies needing to rethink the way their data is managed and maintained. 

Whatever business you are in, your IT is fundamental in supporting your business processes. The systems needed in today's competitive and rapidly changing business environment are becoming more complex and difficult to manage. Maintaining infrastructure support requires highly skilled employees and continued financial investment. 

Compass Managed Services is a complete all-in-one solution. Your IT hub is relocated to one of our privately owned Data Centers in Auckland or Hamilton where all your software applications will run. Private data networks link your sites to the Data Centre and Compass manages the entire operation including network, help desk support, backup and security all for a fixed monthly fee. 

In addition, we offer remote access capability allowing applications and email to be delivered anywhere any time to mobile devices, laptops and public internet terminals without jeopardizing security. Staff can work from home, from a hotel overseas or clear emails from their handheld device whilst out of the office.


  • Reduced Risk, Added Security
  • Uncompromised service, network reliability
  • Material cost benefits
  • Remote Management
  • Experienced technicians and engineers
  • Customisable 

Our Services

  • Fully managed services- Includes software, hardware and helpdesk services for a fixed monthly fee. We provide a full network redundancy Compare the benefits, compare the pricing and see the difference Compass can make for your business.

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