Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop is a fully managed service that delivers; secure desktop, mail, file & print, storage and back-up from our Managed Services platform for a fixed and predictable price per user per month.  Dedicated Virtual Machines are used to deliver desktops and applications with a shared, managed infrastructure used to deliver secure mail, file & print, storage and back-up.   


  • Extend the life of your existing computer fleet by connecting exclusively to virtual desktops
  • Reduce the cost of managing your environment by centralising it in the data centre
  • Allow users to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the workplace or connect from anywhere as the desktop environment is securely encapsulated
  • Pay-as-you-go licensing per user per month for desktop, mail and Microsoft applications
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go for storage of file, mail and SQL data
  • Host 3rd party applications and databases in desktop environment
  • Microsoft desktop delivered from a Windows Server environment
  • Access your desktop from anywhere on any device
  • Full High Availability
  • Options on Microsoft Remote Desktop Service or Citrix
  • Options on network connectivity from your sites to the cloud (e.g. Fibre, HSNS)
  • Options on managed Internet access and traffic