Revive Online backup

Revive online backup is the solution to bring back to life lost data such as emails, vital files, payroll records and customer data resulting from a computer crash, ransomware virus, theft of hardware, accidental deletion, or a critical event affecting business premises, such as a fire.

Revive automatically backs up all the important data from your servers and workstations to the cloud, on a schedule you set. Retrieval is so easy – either go online to restore the data or for large data volumes have it couriered out to you.

Revive online backup provides kiwi businesses with a business continuity solution that in the event of a critical event occurring a business can retrieve otherwise lost data. Revive back-up service is a low-cost, secure, back-up and restore solution aimed at businesses wanting to back-up their workstations and servers to the Cloud and is ideally suited to businesses that currently perform manual backups or use tape systems on-site.

What can Revive backup?

Almost any software on your computer or server can be backed up using Revive. Revive supports;

  • Accounting systems
  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Payroll systems
  • Customer databases


  • Backs up files and systems
  • Compatible with SQL, Exchange
  • Portal access, highly secure and encrypted
  • Full, incremental and differential backups
  • Easy to use scheduler and browser
  • Easy to administer and restore files
  • Excellent automated user notifications

Install, set up and back up. Simple.

Revive's backup manager is straightforward to set up and simple to use. Just log in and tell it what to back up and how often then sit back and let Revive do its job.

After you've completed your first full backup, you can ask Revive to back up only new or changed files and emails, to speed up the process. If there's ever a problem completing a backup, Revive will let you know

Data Recovery - Revive works for you

The safety of your backups is our top priority. Revive allows you to access your business’ information at any time.

The data is securely transferred through encryption and compression as it leaves your servers/workstation using 256 bit SSL transmission and encryption. Once stored at our monitored Data Centre you are but a mouse click away from being able to retrieve any data you require.

Choosing the right plan

  • We have a wide range of plans available across a selection of data volumes and servers/workstations that need backing up
  • Plans start from only $1 per day
  • Our team can provide support on the right plan for your business needs

Protect your business- Don't be a headline

Ransomware viruses and cyber-attacks have become a major threat for NZ businesses. Revive online back-up mitigates against these attacks by securing and storing your important data.

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 Example of a 'Revive' online back up policy for your business