Customer Service: our key marketing channel.

05-07-21 5 ways customer service works as our key marketing channel at Compass Communications... [Read more]


Compass' 2020 Timeline

08-01-21 We began the year by consolidating our product portfolio & strengthening our brand positioning statement in the internet service provider space of NZ... [Read more]


Compass’ journey to resilience amidst the COVID-19 virus

05-01-21 ...We had exactly 3 business days to plan our next move, with complete uncertainty of what’s next... [Read more]


Waiving Data Cap Charges

20-03-20 As this dreadful virus spreads into our communities, more and more of us will elect or be caused to work from home. At Compass, we are committed to helping make this as easy as we can... [Read more]


A note from our team

18-03-20 We find ourselves facing an extraordinary and terrible situation with COVID-19... To give the best possible support, we have a contingency plan in place..... [Read more]


D-Link Router Configuration

25-10-19 If you would like to reconfigure your D-Link router again, check out our easy do-it-yourself video guide. [Read more]


Why is my internet & Wi-Fi slow?

20-09-19 Kelvin's step-by-step guide helps you understand whether it’s a ‘fibre connection’ problem, a router problem, a Wi-Fi problem or a user problem. [Read article]


How to check your Broadband Speed

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How can you optimize your Wi-Fi?

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Should I get Fibre Broadband?

24-07-18 Our in house fibre expert, Guarav, shares four reasons to join the fibre revolution and four things you may need to consider before getting signed up.... [Read article]


How to maximise your Wifi

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