Set up my D-Link DIR 853 router (Fibre)

  1. Connecting my router:

    Connect the included ethernet cable to the yellow ‘internet’ port in the back of your D-Link router. Any devices you wish to connect via ethernet cable can be connected using any of the black LAN ports in the back of the router.
  2. Connecting router to Fibre Box

    Connect the other end of your ethernet cable to the GE1 or LAN1 port on the Fibre Box connected on the wall unless advised otherwise.
  3. Power

    Please ensure that both your D-Link DIR 853 router and Fibre Box are both powered on. From your router you should see four blue lights (power, internet and wireless 2.4GHz and 5GHz) – providing all of these lights are a solid blue your router is powered on successfully. From your Fibre Box you should see three green or yellow lights (power, optical/LOS and LAN). Please note that if your optical/LOS light is red then there may potentially be a fault with your Fibre cabling. If this is the case please reboot your Fibre Box, then contact Compass at 09 965 2280 if this red light persists.
  4. Connecting to wifi network

    If your D-Link DIR 853 has been sent to you recently directly from our Warehouse you will be able to connect to your wifi network using the wifi password Comp4ss123 and access your internet services immediately. If however your router has been reset you will need to update some settings inside of your router before you will be able to access your internet services at home. If this is the case please locate your default wifi network name and password on the sticker on the bottom of your router. Please connect a device (mobile phone, laptop, computer) to your default wifi name (SSID) using the default wifi password on the bottom of your router. The internet will not work yet, but we will need a device connected to your wifi network to begin updating the settings we need inside of your router.

  5. Accessing router administration page

    From the device connected to your wifi network please ensure that your mobile data is turned off, and open either Google Chrome for Android devices, or Safari for iPhones. From this browser window please enter the IP address:
  6. Reconfiguring your router

    Providing the above steps have been followed successfully a ‘Terms of Use and Privacy Policy’ should have generated for you. Please agree to these Terms and press next.

    On the following Welcome page please press the ‘X’ in the top right hand corner instead of pressing ‘Next’ again. This will close the traditional installation wizard which can be tricky to navigate.

    After closing the previous Welcome window please now select ‘Settings’ in the top of the page, then select ‘Internet’ (if you are using a mobile phone and do not see Settings please firstly scroll to the bottom of this page and select ‘Desktop View’, then Settings).

    From the Internet page your will need to update the below settings and press ‘Save’. It will take 30 – 60 seconds to save your settings, but once this is done your internet services should be connected.

    - Internet Connection Type: PPPoE
    - Username:
    - Password: compass

    Please test your internet connection by opening a new tab, or a new window, and either search something online or stream a video to test that this service is now working as it should.