Voice Lines

SIP Trunks 

SIP trunks are a smart and powerful calling solution that deliver voice and data traffic over one single circuit. SIP allows multiple calls to be delivered at one time without compromising the quality of each call. It is an innovative and smart technology that provides kiwi businesses with a smart, reliable and affordable communication service. 

SIP Trunks are the foundation to our Cloud PBX system and are a fundamental part of running this cloud software .


  • Voice Traffic is not compromised
  • Secure network
  • Reliable 
  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Unified communications

SIP enables businesses to utilise existing IT and PBX infrastructures, providing a scalable and cost effective solution. Instead of having a PBX at each branch, you can now utilise your head office PBX to provide calling functionality for each of your branches. 

We recommend when purchasing SIP Trunks to factor in an additional 2 SIP Trunks in order for expansion. 

1 SIP Trunk is equal to 1 user. 


ISDN lines are a high speed digital service supporting voice, data and video services through a single digital connection. ISDN lines support a number of enhanced features including Direct Dial In (DDI), Caller Display and Gateway for free local calls between lines within the same group.