Posted 20-03-2020

Author: Moumita Das Roy (Marketing & Product Manager, June 2019 to November 2021)

As this dreadful virus spreads into our communities, more and more of us will elect or be caused to work from home. At Compass, we are committed to helping make this as easy as we can.

Many of our customers enjoy unlimited data service over our high-speed Fibre and Copper broadband. Some are still on data caps and it suits them to manage their data allocations. However, we would hate for someone to be penalised (charged) for working from home or accessing entertainment during isolation.

To help remove this concern, Compass will waive data ‘overage’ on our broadband service for the next two months, April and May. (this doesn’t apply to mobile or wireless service)

Towards the end of May, we will review this and depending on the situation may continue or cease the offer.

Stay well and let’s look after each other.