Family Filter

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CyberGuardian is a solution that provides parents with a simple to use and adjustable filter over what can be accessed online. 

Feedback from parents has indicated 2 areas of concern over the internet; the time that is spent online and the exposure to inappropriate content. We understand it’s a real dilemma between being too strict or too relaxed and about how your family values are being challenged.

Our service is designed with health and well being in mind. It is implemented at the network policy level – that is all devices on the home internet are treated the same. We take privacy seriously so web history is not tracked nor stored. You can apply time of day filters or block categories of content; great to allow set times for homework, or to restrict social media times, or to ensure certain content is not accessed.

While our filtering service uses leading technologies to provide a security service for the family we also recommend that its combined with oversight, internet rules and education within the family so as to provide a robust solution to make the internet the safe, secure, learning and fun environment for the family.


  • Protection from harmful/inappropriate content online.
  • Flexibility allowing what can be accessed and when.
  • Advanced options to allow time of day restrictions.