Business Broadband


Business ADSL provides small to medium sized New Zealand businesses with a reliable and consistent connection to browse the web and send e-mails. Delivered over the copper network, our ADSL plans were created with our customers in mind. We have various data options for you to choose from.


Business VDSL is the perfect option if Fibre is not yet available in your area. VDSL is the fastest broadband offered over the copper network and can reach speeds up to 30Mbps Download and 10 Mbps Upload. 


We offer a range of Wireless plans if you live in those hard to reach areas. Our plans are designed so you can reach fast speeds through our own dedicated wireless network.  Try our premium rate plan with download speeds up to 30Mbps. 


HSNS- High Speed Network Service is a broadband service delivered over the copper network that provides symmetrical download and upload speeds. 

Every option is customisable by you to ensure that you get the best plan for you.