About Us

Compass Communications is a 100% kiwi-owned independent internet and telecommunications service provider.

In 1995, Compass began providing fax broadcast services to business customers. Now, Compass is the longest-standing competitor to Spark in the New Zealand telecommunications market.

Compass for homes

We proudly provide fast broadband (including fibre, naked and unlimited broadband), line rental and calling as well as mobile services to households.

Compass for businesses

We work with small to medium sized businesses to provide quality and cost-effective cloud-based phone systems, complete telecommunications and internet solutions and superb account management.

Additionally, we offer a diverse range of technology solutions from fully outsourced virtual desktops to onsite management of IT infrastructure.

The Compass network covers hundreds of thousands of households throughout New Zealand and is steadily expanding, as we install our equipment in more local exchanges. This lets us deliver the benefits of our lower costs to homes and businesses in more places. Check your address to find out whether you’re on an exchange that we’ve unbundled.

We operate major switching centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with a further 40 points of connectivity nationwide. Core voice and data networks are fully redundant and multiple network paths to all national and international destinations are maintained, allowing for alternate routes for calls should a transmission problem develop in any one network.

Compass wireless

Connecta wireless network delivers high speed broadband internet, ideal for high quality voice calls too. Available across New Zealand at key locations, which are often not well served by other internet access methods, our wireless data and voice over Internet Protocol services are a viable alternative to other standard broadband data services.

Compass phone cards

Compass also operates a number of iconic phone card brands such as Kia Ora and Talk ‘n’ Save. These prepaid phone cards deliver exceptionally low cost calling throughout New Zealand and to the world and are sold at thousands of stores nationwide, from local dairies to the largest supermarkets.

Find out more about Compass phone cards at www.compassphonecards.co.nz

Just the right size

Big enough to make a difference and perfectly placed to understand the challenges facing New Zealand homes and businesses, Compass is still small enough to care.

Other Compass Companies

Activata is New Zealand’s prepay innovator, helping New Zealand retailers to sell the prepay products that drive customers into their stores. Products and services include prepaid mobile top-ups, phone cards, utility top-ups, generic prepay currency and more.

Activata used to be called Ezi-Pay and, following the sale of Ezi-Pay’s gift card business, rebranded to Activata in late 2012.

Data Vault provides colocation services for mission-critical infrastructure in secure, high-availability data centres located in Auckland and Hamilton.

Leveraging the depth of telecommunications and hosting experience provided by other Compass companies, Data Vault is able to ensure both reliability and efficiency of service.




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From $74.95/Month*


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